Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Carpenters`Training Centers where we train the best carpenters in the Mid-Atlantic Region.


 Applications for Carpenter, Millwright, Floor Layer and Pile Driver apprenticeships will be accepted by Mid-Atlantic Carpenters’ Training Centers on the following dates:
Upper Marlboro:
Aug19 - Aug 31    M–F  8am–3pm     Test:  9/2   8am
Sept 16 -Sept 30   M-F  8am–3pm     Test:  10/2 8am
Aug 19–Aug 31     M–F  8am–3pm    Test:  9/1   8am
Sept 16-Sept 30    M–F  8am–3pm    Test:  10/1 8am
Aug19–Aug 31     W, Th, F   10am–3pm  Test:  9/1   8am
Sept 16–Sept 30  W, Th, F   10am–3pm  Test:  10/5 8am
Aug 19–Aug 31   Th, F   10am–3pm    Test:  9/2     8am
Sept 16–Sept 30 Th, F   10am–3pm    Test:  10/6   8am
Aug 19–Aug 31   Th, F   10am–3pm    Test:  9/3     8am
Sept 16–Sept 30 Th, F   10am–3pm     Test:  10/7    8am 
A non-refundable $20 administrative processing fee is requiredMoney orders only
Anyone interested should call (301) 736-1696 in Upper Marlboro or (410) 737-9670 in Baltimore for further details. EOE

*Carpenter Apprenticeship & Training Instructor Needed*

The Mid-Atlantic Carpenters’ Training Centers is seeking candidates for Apprenticeship & Training Instructors.  Applicants should have 5 years of journeyman experience in the Construction Industry, preferably Interior Systems.   Candidates must have strong work ethics, and technical skills.  Submit Resumes to: Mid-Atlantic Carpenters’ Training Center, 8510 Pennsylvania Ave, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.
This site will  allow you to explore the carpentry Apprenticeship Program to understand the benefits of becoming a Union carpenter with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

If you want to earn a good wage, receive excellent health care benefits, and start a retirement savings plan while working for the best construction companies in the country, then call today.

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Apprenticeship Program

Earn while you learn!  Start a carpentry career while training in our four-year Apprenticeship program.


Journeyman Training

Member carpenters can choose from a variety of carpentry classes for continuous skill improvement.


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