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Charles City Schedule

The class schedules shown here are for apprentices currently enrolled in the apprenticeship program.


Charles City Apprentieship Class Schedule

Course NumberCourse NameStart DateEnd Date
MW 101Tool Safety/Labor History/First Aid/CPR/AED/Aerial Lift04/30/201805/04/2018
MW 302Coupling Alignment II/Laser Alignment05/14/201805/18/2018
MW 202Monorail/Conveyor/Bulk Mail Systems05/21/201805/25/2018
MW 201Installation/Maintenance Machinery06/18/201806/22/2018
MW 404Welding07/16/201807/20/2018
MW 303GE Familiarization07/23/201807/27/2018
MW 102Oxy Fuel Burning & Safety/Basic Rigging/Drills & Taps/PITO-I08/06/201808/10/2018
MW 203Industrial Blueprint08/13/201808/17/2018
MW 202Monorail/Conveyor/Bulk Mail Systems08/20/201808/24/2018