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Qualifications for Apprenticeship

The Mid-Atlantic Carpenters’ Training Centers (MACTC) is highly desired for its quality training and superior benefits.  However, because of all that we provide to our students we also have very high expectations of our students.


Following are the basic requirements for entry and retention into the MACTC  Training Apprenticeship Program.  Each one of these requirements must be met prior to admission.  If you have any questions about these items please contact us.

  1.  Applicants must be at least 18 years of age (or 17 years of age with written parental consent).
  2. Complete an application form.
  3. Provide proof of a high school diploma/transcript, or General Education Development degree (GED). Online high school diplomas/GEDS are not accepted.
  4. Applicants must pass a controlled substance test.
  5. Must be physically able to perform the work of the trade, and meet such other entrance qualifications as established by MACTC.  Physical requirements include the ability to lift and carry 50 lbs. unassisted; work at heights; and able to climb scaffolding and stairways to varying heights.
  6. At the request of the employer, the employer’s representative, or the Union’s representative, MACTC may require a medical examination during the probationary period of an apprentice who shows evidence of a detrimental handicap or disability.
  7. Applicants must provide documentation that shows their eligibility for employment in the United States.
  8. Applicants must declare that they have reliable transportation for getting to work and school.
  9. Any misstatement, omission of material fact, or falsification of any statements on any application by an applicant may be sufficient cause for rejection of the application, or dismissal of the applicant after indenture or employment.

Upon acceptance into the program, new Apprentices must agree to the following:

  1. Read and sign the Apprentice Scholarship Agreement.
  2. Read and agree to the policies set forth in the MACTC Student Handbook.


The recruitment, selection, employment and training of apprentices during their apprenticeship, will be without discrimination based on political or religious opinion or affiliation, marital status, race, color, creed, national origin, sex, or age, unless sex or age constitutes a bona fide occupational qualification, or the physical or mental disability of a qualified individual with a disability, except the applicant must be at least 17 years of age with parental consent to apply.  MACTC will take affirmative action to provide equal opportunity in apprenticeship and will operate this apprenticeship program as required under Title 29, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 30, as amended, and other applicable laws and lawful regulations.